We are NOOSA™

A bio-renewable textile fiber,
endlessly recyclable

NOOSA™ 's process from the bio-renewable resource to the bio-based and recyclable textile fibers, yarns and end-product.
Bundles of light blue and dark blue yarn arranged closely together.


FDA approved

our 100% recyclable products

At NOOSA™, we offer staple fiber, multifilament and spun yarns. Our man-made fiber can be used for different applications thanks to its innovative properties.

our process

How we make NOOSA™ endlessly recyclable

NOOSA™ produces a bio-based textile fiber that is 100% recyclable thanks to our NOOCYCLE™ technology and this, endlessly. Our mission is to reduce and revalorize textile waste along the entire value chain, from pre-consumer to post- consumer level. Join us in our commitment to circularity and innovation.


  • For manufacturers

    NOOSA™ offers bio-based fibers and yarns that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production process and recycled at the end-of-life.

  • For brands

    NOOSA™ offers bio-based and recyclable products, ensuring performance and comfort at product level while supporting circular practices.

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