The Bio-based
circular fiber
Born from bio-renewable materials, endlessly recyclable
Bringing the textile industry to an unprecedented sustainability level
Created from corn, NOOSA® fiber is 100% recyclable thanks to
our NOOCYCLE® technology and this, endlessly.
In other words, we help the textile industry
to reduce waste at pre- and post-consumer level.

What We Do

We close the loop. 

We guarantee that every collected textile made from NOOSA® will be recycled back into a pure, virgin and strong fiber. 

NOOSA® is the first fiber endlessly upcyclable without being deteriorated.

Our product -
Fiber & yarn

At NOOSA® we offer staple fibers, filaments and spun yarns. Our fiber can be used for different applications such as apparel, activewear, upholstery, workwear, and many more. 

Our commitment —Sustainability

NOOSA® is a solution to shift towards a circular textile industry while being socially and environmentally responsible. NOOSA® fiber is bio-based and we aim at making it circular, thanks to our recycling technology. It shows a lower environmental footprint than traditional materials used in the textile industry.

Who we are — Our Company

NOOSA® is dedicated to create innovative 100% recyclable materials for the textile industry. We envision circular and transparent practices throughout our process while ensuring the best quality. 

What we believe in
It’s time to disrupt
the textile industry
We guarantee that every
reclaimed textile
will be 100% recycled
Fashion fades, 
the planet shouldn’t