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NOOSA™ offers bio-based and recyclable products meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort while supporting circular practices.

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Today, textile brands are increasingly pressured by various stakeholders, notably consumers and governments, to adopt more circular practices and be more transparent in regards to their supply chain. Consumption of clothing and footwear is expected to increase by 63% by 2030, so let’s make them better together.


To transition away from fossil-based materials while maintaining performance, NOOSA™ emerges as the most promising solution, ensuring both durability and circularity of your products. This shift will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint but also comply with various legislations and control better your supply chain. Additionally, NOOSA™ presents an opportunity to add value to your textile waste — a vital consideration given that currently less than 1% is repurposed, often due to the lack of recycling options for blended fabrics.

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  • Design for durability

    Choose a qualitative, strong, durable and bio-based material for your product’s purpose.

  • Design to comply

    With EU legislations for textile circularity and waste prevention. Know the risks and how to mitigate them.

  • Design for minimal waste and impact

    Reduce and revalorize textile waste at post-consumer level, lower water, energy and chemical use in your processes.

  • Design for better traceability

    Control your supply chain and increase transparency.

Key benefits for brands

Innovative properties

Our fiber and yarns are inherently comfortable, highly breathable and durable, offering high performance and comfort.

Full circularity

NOOSA™ revalorizes your textile waste to reach full circularity and enables you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Transparency and traceability

We facilitate your supply chain, guaranteeing transparency and traceability every step of the way, from initial feedstock to recycling processes.

Case studies

Our manufacturing partners

NOOSA™’s manufacturing partners are working with us towards our vision to bring the textile industry to circularity. These leading manufacturers are using NOOSA™ fibers and yarns to make high quality fabrics and products.

BELGIUM Belconfect X
Ceetex X
Inkoo X
Utexbel X X X X
GERMANY Otto Garne X
FRANCE Filatures du Parc X
Neyret X
Sofileta X X
ITALY Marchi & Fildi X
PAKISTAN Beacon Impex X X X X X
Feroze 1888 X
Casa da malha X
Facol X
Familitex X
Impetus X
Inovafil X
Mindelo X
Polopiqué X X X X
Positive Materials X
Karacasu X
Elvin Tekstil X X
UK Heathcoat X

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Are you a brand looking for an innovative fiber with great intrinsic properties? Are you a designer looking for a bio-based alternative to petrochemicals? Whatever your area of interest may be, we look forward to connecting with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does NOOSA™ compete with the food industry?
    NOOSA™ does not compete with the food industry. The proteinic value of the feedstock goes to the food industry where NOOSA™ focuses on carbohydrates (sugar and starch). This share is among others, already used for bioethanol production.
  • How do you label NOOSA™?
    The majority of textile products put on the market globally must be labelled with the composition and percentage of the fibers which they are made of. However, depending on the countries, different regulations are applied. As an example, NOOSA™ is labelled 100% NOOSA™ polylactide / polylactid in Belgium and 100% NOOSA™ PLA in the U.S. We can provide you with more information about the various regulations.
  • How do you organize recycling?
    The recycling of textiles containing NOOSA™ fiber is organized on a case-by-cases basis.
  • How is NOOSA™ fiber processed?
    We provide technical support services, tailored to optimize results at every stage of the manufacturing process, spanning from yarn spinning to thermosetting.