Our products

NOOSA™ offers staple fibers, multifilament and spun yarns. Our recyclable fibers can be used for different applications thanks to their innovative properties.

NOOSA™ 's bio-based and circular fibers, yarns and end-products.

Our Products

Staple fiber

Our staple fibers range from 1.33 to 4 dtex in various lengths. They can be spun into yarns, used as filling material or blended with other fibers to obtain unique blended yarns. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of textile products.

Spun yarn

Our spun yarns range from Ne5 to Ne100. Thanks to their softness, moisture management and lightness, our spun yarns are ideal to be in contact with skin or for winter fabrics such as sweaters and blankets.


Our filament yarns range from 44 to 167 dtex. They are smooth, fine, and strong, making it ideal for lightweight, fluid and performant fabrics used for sports, lining and even more technical applications.

Key benefits for manufacturers

Innovative properties

Experience the cutting-edge features of our fibers and yarns, renowned for their innate comfort, exceptionally low absorbency, durability, and superior performance.

Technical support

Benefit from our comprehensive technical support services, tailored to optimize results at every stage of the manufacturing process, spanning from yarn spinning to thermosetting.


  • UV stability

    NOOSA™ fiber shows great resistance to ageing and UV exposure, making it ideal for outdoor applications and home applications.

  • Low flammability

    NOOSA™ fiber is low flammable and more resistant compared to cellulosic, a key advantage for home and children applications.

  • Increased breathability

    NOOSA™ fiber allows body moisture and vapors to be released to ensure high performance and avoid discomfort.

  • Low odor retention

    Thanks to its breathability and low moisture regain, NOOSA™ fiber allows body’s natural humidity and odor to evacuate.

  • Bacteriostatic

    NOOSA™ fiber prevents bacterial growth, ensuring a better hygiene on a daily basis.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Due to a pH level similar to the skin, NOOSA™ fiber is compatible and ideal for people with sensitive skin.


Beige knit sweater and pants displayed on a chair showing the apparel applications of NOOSA™'s bio-based and recyclable fiber.
People running on a beach showing the activewear application of NOOSA™'s bio-based and recyclable fiber.
A girl in her bed with her dog wearing pajamas to show the underwear application of NOOSA™'s bio-based and recyclable fiber.
A cook wearing an apron showing the jobwear application of NOOSA™'s bio-based and recyclable fiber.
Pillows in a bed showing the home textile application of NOOSA™'s bio-based and recyclable fiber.
A designed couch showing the potential other applications of NOOSA™ 's bio-based and recyclable fiber.

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Are you a yarn spinner or a knitter looking for an innovative fiber? Are you a fabric manufacturer or a brand looking for a bio-based alternative? Let’s explore collaboration together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the length of the fiber?
    Since our fiber is man-made, we can adjust the length according to your needs. As a standard, we follow the cotton length.
  • What are the characteristics of the product in terms of elongation, tenacity and shrinkage?
    We provide the technical data sheet for each product on demand.
  • Do you provide colored yarn?
    Our product is normally white, but we can also offer colored yarn on demand with a MOQ. We can also provide you with a dyeing guide.