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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can NOOSA™ fiber be blended and recycled?
    Yes, NOOCYCLE™ technology enables to separate NOOSA™ fiber from any type of components such as pigments, additives or any material blends (synthetic and natural fibers). To benefit from NOOCYCLE™, we require at least 50% of NOOSA™ in the final product.
  • What happens to the dyes and additives during NOOCYCLE™?
    They fall out of solution during solubilization and are then filtered and removed.
  • Can other materials be recycled?
    We are able to isolate other components without deteriorating them. They can then be revalorized through external partners (e.g. recycled wool fibers can be spinned).
  • What is the composition of NOOSA™?
    NOOSA™ is made out of polylactic acid, coming from GMO free crops.
  • Does NOOSA™ compete with the food industry?
    NOOSA™ does not compete with the food industry. The proteinic value of the feedstock goes to the food industry where NOOSA™ focuses on carbohydrates (sugar and starch). This share is among others, already used for bioethanol production.
  • Is NOOSA™ fiber biodegradable?
    NOOSA™ fiber is industrially compostable. However, manufacturers and brands are most likely to transform the fiber, making the final product most likely non-biodegradable. That is why we have developed NOOCYCLE™ to pave the way for a circular textile economy and align with our beliefs.
  • How do you label NOOSA™?
    The majority of textile products put on the market globally must be labelled with the composition and percentage of the fibers which they are made of. However, depending on the countries, different regulations are applied. As an example, NOOSA™ is labelled 100% NOOSA™ polylactide / polylactid in Belgium and 100% NOOSA™ PLA in the U.S. We can provide you with more information about the various regulations.
  • How do you organize recycling?
    The recycling of textiles containing NOOSA™ fiber is organized on a case-by-cases basis.
  • How is NOOSA™ fiber processed?
    We provide technical support services, tailored to optimize results at every stage of the manufacturing process, spanning from yarn spinning to thermosetting.
  • What is the length of the fiber?
    Since our fiber is man-made, we can adjust the length according to your needs. As a standard, we follow the cotton length.
  • What are the characteristics of the product in terms of elongation, tenacity and shrinkage?
    We provide the technical data sheet for each product on demand.
  • Do you provide colored yarn?
    Our product is normally white, but we can also offer colored yarn on demand with a MOQ. We can also provide you with a dyeing guide.