Noosa™ for Manufacturers

At NOOSA™, we manufacture bio-based fibers and yarns, designed to be seamlessly integrated into your established production processes. Our innovative materials can be recycled at the end of their life, providing a convenient solution for your manufacturing needs in line with the demand for circularity.

Emmanuelle, the R&D manager at NOOSA™ is operating a textile machinery showcasing circular textile fiber.

Looking for more circularity

Discover NOOSA™

Today, textile manufacturers are confronted with many challenges, from environmental concerns to meeting regulatory compliance and traceability in their supply chain. Consumption of clothing and footwear is expected to increase by 63% by 2030, so let’s make them better together.

To transition away from fossil-based materials while maintaining performance, NOOSA™ emerges as a viable option, ensuring both longevity and circularity of your products. This shift will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint and increase transparency but also offer solutions to your customers seeking circular alternatives. Additionally, NOOSA™ presents an opportunity to add value to your textile waste — a vital consideration given that currently less than 1% is repurposed, often due to the lack of recycling options for blended fabrics.

A close zoom of cones of blue spun yarn.
  • Manufacture for durability

    Find an alternative to fossil-based materials without compromising on quality or performance.

  • Manufacture to comply

    Comply with EU legislations for textile circularity and waste prevention.

  • Manufacture for minimal waste and impact

    Reduce and revalorize textile waste at pre-consumer level, lower water, energy and chemical use in your processes.

  • Manufacture for better traceability

    Control your supply chain and increase transparency.

Key benefits for manufacturers

Innovative properties

Experience the cutting-edge features of our fibers and yarns, renowned for their innate comfort, exceptionally low absorbency, durability, and superior performance.

Technical support

Benefit from our comprehensive technical support services, tailored to optimize results at every stage of the manufacturing process, spanning from yarn spinning to thermosetting.

NOOSA™ certified manufacturers

Leverage NOOSA™’s exclusive network and trademark benefits.

As a valued certified manufacturer, you gain direct access to our unparalleled global network encompassing brands, yarn spinners, knitters and weavers, opening a world of opportunities for your business. We also facilitate your supply chain, guaranteeing transparency and traceability every step of the way, from initial feedstock to recycling processes.

Moreover, as a privileged partner, you will enjoy exclusive rights to participate in new product launches, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in the market. And to further enhance your reputation, you will proudly feature the NOOSA™ trademark, symbolizing quality and innovation.

A textile factory with textile machineries.

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Are you a yarn spinner looking for an innovative fiber? Are you a fabric manufacturer looking for a bio-based alternative? Whatever your area of interest may be, we look forward to connecting with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the composition of NOOSA™?
    NOOSA™ is made out of polylactic acid, coming from GMO free crops.
  • Does NOOSA™ compete with the food industry?
    NOOSA™ does not compete with the food industry. The proteinic value of the feedstock goes to the food industry where NOOSA™ focuses on carbohydrates (sugar and starch). This share is among others, already used for bioethanol production.
  • Is NOOSA™ fiber biodegradable?
    NOOSA™ fiber is industrially compostable. However, manufacturers and brands are most likely to transform the fiber, making the final product most likely non-biodegradable. That is why we have developed NOOCYCLE™ to pave the way for a circular textile economy and align with our beliefs.
  • How is NOOSA™ fiber processed?
    We provide technical support services, tailored to optimize results at every stage of the manufacturing process, spanning from yarn spinning to thermosetting.