We are NOOSA™

At NOOSA™, we have the ambition to revolutionize the textile industry by making it circular. Our mission is to reduce textile waste on a global scale by redesigning the textile industry’s global value chain. We believe we need a shift in the way we consume and produce textiles, and we are a tangible solution to drive the change.

Five NOOSA™ team members sitting and standing around a wooden picnic table outdoors, smiling and talking to each other

Who are we?

NOOSA™ is a Belgian company established in 2019. Our headquarters are in Brussels, where most of our activities take place: from Research & Development to commercial activities and from fiber extrusion at pilot scale to its recycling.

NOOSA™ focuses on two primary areas of activity: the production of a bio-based textile fiber and its recycling. After production, we supply our bio-based fiber and yarn to brands and manufacturers, who process it into a wide range of end-products. However, our commitment doesn’t end there.

Through our NOOCYCLE™ recycling program, we provide a solution to the textile industry to revalorize textile waste at post-industrial, pre- and post-consumer level by extruding our NOOSA™ fiber and fully recycling it into a virgin-quality fiber.

Two Scientists of the NOOSA™ team working on a machine and smiling.

    Offer a 100% recyclable fiber to help global markets minimize their impact.


    Bring the textile industry to circularity.


    A breakthrough solution designed to create the highest value for every stakeholder.

Company Timeline


NOOSA™ is officially created in December 2019, after one year of research.


NOOSA™ closes its first funding round, to generate the first version of its product and hire the first employees.


NOOSA™ is awarded the Innovative Starters Award of 500.000€ from Innoviris (Brussels government).


NOOSA™ starts product development with major textile brands and exhibit at international textile fairs.


NOOSA™ receives the B Corp accreditation.


NOOSA™ establishes its fiber extrusion pilot line in Brussels, Belgium.

Our Team

Luna Aslan, Co-founder and General Project manager

Luna Aslan

Emmanuelle Poulain, R&D Textile Manager

Emmanuelle Poulain

Niccoló Aldeghi, R&D engineer

Niccoló Aldeghi

Gabriel Mabille, PhD Researcher

Gabriel Mabille

Jim Hees, Business Manager

Jim Hees

Robin Clerbois, Operations Manager.

Robin Clerbois

Léa Van Bael, Marketing & Communication intern

Léa Van Bael


Work at Noosa™

Our team is passionate about doing the right thing. At NOOSA™, we are not afraid to tackle challenges to make sure our efforts will have the greatest possible impact. Why? To put it simply, we care about circularity and making a change in the textile industry. A great deal. So, if you share our passion and our vision, check out our job openings. And if you find something that aligns with your experience and passion, let’s have a chat.