Our Impact

NOOSA™ provides a solution to shift towards a circular textile industry. NOOSA™ fiber is entirely bio-based and designed to be recycled using our patented technology. This approach results in a lower environmental footprint compared to traditional materials used in the textile industry.

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100% Bio-Based

NOOSA™ is a bio-based fiber derived from GMO-free crops such as corn, sugarcane and wheat, highlighting a shift away from fossil fuels.

Boosting circularity in textiles

Our NOOCYCLE™ technology transforms discarded textiles back into a 100% virgin quality fiber, bringing the industry to an unprecedented level of circularity.

Low environmental impact

We continuously reduce our environmental impact. Our lifecycle assessment shows NOOSA™ fiber cuts CO2 emissions by 30% and water usage by 50% compared to conventional cotton.


This is the impact of the industry

  • 92M tons

    of textile waste is produced per annum globally.

  • 70% fossil-based

    70% of the fibers produced are synthetics.

  • <1%

    of textile waste is recycled.

  • Carbon footprint

    The textile industry generates roughly 1.2. billion tonnes of CO2 eq., equivalent to 10% of global GHG emissions.

Our Answer

NOOSA™ aims to revolutionize the textile industry by offering an innovative and circular fiber. Created from bio-based materials, NOOSA™ fiber is recyclable thanks to its patented recycling process, and this endlessly.

100% recyclable

Our technology transforms discarded textiles back into a 100% virgin quality fiber.

Verified Impact

At NOOSA™, we are dedicated to obtaining the appropriate certifications at every stage of the value chain, from feedstock sourcing to recycling. Our aim is twofold: to consistently lower our environmental footprint and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. Additionally, our commitment extends to ensuring the well-being of individuals involved in our processes, as we believe in a holistic approach that considers both the environment and the people.

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GMO free

How our work impacts the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 objectives set by the United Nations to address global challenges like poverty, inequality, and climate change by 2030. NOOSA™ contributes to these goals by promoting circular production and consumption, demonstrating how businesses can support the SDGs and foster a better future.


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