100% Recyclable

NOOSA™ produces a bio-based textile fiber that is 100% recyclable thanks to our NOOCYCLE™ technology and this, endlessly. Our mission is to reduce and revalorize textile waste along the entire value chain, from pre-consumer to post consumer level. Join us in our commitment to circularity and innovation.

Different products that NOOSA™ is selling such as a white t-shirt, yarn, and recyclable fiber, other elements used in the process such as PLA pellets.


How we make NOOSA™ fiber endlessly recyclable

NOOCYCLE™ is a patented chemical recycling technology. It is unique since it allows the separation of NOOSA™ fiber from any type of component —such as additives, pigments, coatings and other material blends — to recover a 100% virgin-quality fiber, without deterioration or loss of properties.


Recovered textiles made out of NOOSA™ are shredded and turned into a bulk blend of fibers.


The recovered solution is filtered again and purified to isolate lactic acid.

Extrusion of a virgin-quality fiber

The pellets are processed into virgin-quality NOOSA™ fibers and filaments. There is no difference between virgin and recycled NOOSA™ fibers because of our selective recycling technique.


Lactic acid can then be re-polymerized to produce virgin-quality polylactic acid pellets.


The solubilized NOOSA™ fiber undergoes a depolymerization process turning it back into lactic acid, its original building block.

Solubilization & Filtration

Through NOOCYCLE™ technology, the fiber blend is solubilized in a green solvent to allow the separation of NOOSA™ fiber from all other compounds (other materials, pigment and dies, additives…)

NOOCYCLE™ is only one part of the solution.

Help us bring the textile industry to circularity.

Bringing the textile industry to circularity and changing the current linear and wasteful system extends beyond simply recycling NOOSA™ fiber. It requires a reimagination of the entire lifecycle of textile from initial design and choice of fibers to textile production and end-of-life. This is essential to create a fully circular textile economy.

A laboratory setup featuring clear safety goggles, a glass beaker filled with NOOSA™ fiber a small glass container with clear liquid, and a pair of scissors. The items are placed on a cork mat, and there are some small white granules and a piece of torn white fabric nearby.

Design for easier recycling

  • Think of the end-of-life

    at the design phase of your product.

  • Push mono-material products

    when it is possible, to facilitate and encourage the recycling worldwide.

  • Limit hard points or non-textile elements

    in your products to ease the disassembly.

  • NOOCYCLE™, our recycling technology

    If not possible, NOOCYCLE™ allows us to achieve the full separation of material blends.

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Do you want to help us recycle?

You think your expertise can benefit us in closing the loop? You are an actor from the textile value chain and want to revalorize your “made in NOOSA™” products? Let’s explore collaboration together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can NOOSA™ fiber be blended and recycled?
    Yes, NOOCYCLE™ technology enables to separate NOOSA™ fiber from any type of components such as pigments, additives or any material blends (synthetic and natural fibers). To benefit from NOOCYCLE™, we require at least 50% of NOOSA™ in the final product.
  • What happens to the dyes and additives during NOOCYCLE™?
    They fall out of solution during solubilization and are then filtered and removed.
  • Can other materials be recycled?
    We are able to isolate other components without deteriorating them. They can then be revalorized through external partners (e.g. recycled wool fibers can be spinned).