Volunteers at ChangeNow wearing NOOSA™ t-shirts.

NOOSA™ and ChangeNOW Unite: A Partnership for Positive Change

June 13, 2023


In a powerful display of solidarity for environmental action, NOOSA™, has teamed up with ChangeNOW, a global platform for accelerating positive change. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in their shared mission to promote circularity and inspire action for a better future.


During the recent ChangeNOW summit, held in Paris, France, volunteers were seen proudly donning NOOSA™ t-shirts, showcasing their commitment to driving positive change in the world.


ChangeNOW, known for its annual summit bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the globe, focuses on solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity and the planet. From climate change to social inequality, ChangeNOW provides a platform for showcasing innovative ideas and initiatives that have the potential to make a real difference.


NOOSA™, with its dedication to a circular and biobased textile industry aligns perfectly with ChangeNOW’s vision. By collaborating with ChangeNOW, NOOSA™ extends its reach and impact, spreading awareness about the importance of moving away from fossil–based materials and promoting recycling and circular practices.


Through their partnership, NOOSA™ and ChangeNOW aim to inspire individuals, businesses, and governments to take meaningful action towards building a more sustainable future. By leveraging their respective strengths and networks, they seek to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and catalyze positive change on a global scale.


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