NOOSA™ and NOLT create the R-SOCK, the first circular sport sock

April 19, 2024


Did you know that socks are the most replaced items in the world? Today, each of us throw on average seven pairs of socks per year. And this only in France accounts for 300 million pairs of socks thrown away every year.


R-SOCK® is the result of a revolutionary collaboration between NOOSA™ and NOLT®. These socks mark a significant transition to a more circular future, showcasing the first generation of circular, organic and petroleum-free sports socks.


The innovative concept behind R-SOCK® is based on the bold vision of creating sports socks that can be entirely collected, recycled, and transformed into new socks each season. In order to do that, socks are made out of NOOSA™ fiber and send to various football and rugby clubs all over France. At the end of the season, NOLT® sends back the used socks to NOOSA™ and we recycle them to make brand new R-SOCK®.

In the long term, the ultimate goal of R-SOCK® production is to operate in a closed loop, thereby eliminating the need to constantly produce new socks from virgin materials. Once enough material has been collected through the recycling of the initial NOOSA™ socks, production can continue indefinitely without the need for new resources.


This pioneering project has received funding from the European Union as part of the Single Market program, with Techtera’s support and supervision of the collaboration under grant agreement number 101074671 – EuroBoosTEX.


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